Keep the past in the past…


It states that all through out history mankind must learn from the past of others and to not follow the same path as fellow man.  In order for this to be accurate, they must learn from the mistakes and not repeat them.  The problem with man is man is stupid and has flaws.  We were created to have flaws, we aren’t supposed to be perfect.  This might be hateful for some to hear, but it is true.  Sometimes the truth hurts and some are not able to accept it or handle it.

The world knows the mistakes it has done in the past and now it wishes to wash it clean so it can have a clean slate.  Realistic, destroying your history doesn’t give you a clean slate, it just makes you do the same mistakes the past has man does not .  You can not destroy any countries history, because no matter who much you want to.  There will be others who will remember it and write about it.  Whether you want to try to erase what Hitler did to the world, or what America did to the Native Americans.  From trying to go rid of the relics and history of Jesus, to the Berlin wall being torn down.  These events occurred and no matter what anybody tries to do, they will never be erased through man’s history.

Instead of trying to destroy man’s history, why not use it as a stepping stone to not repeat the sins the past has occurred.  Use that is foundation to make this world a better place to live and for the future to live.  Man is destined to fail if  man does not learn from its mistakes.  Embrace the history and enjoy it while it is around, because unfortunately there are some who wish to destroy it.  If it doesn’t fit the agenda  of certain people, then it is offensive or wrong to be seen.  One day something is here and the next its gone.  Don’t live in the past, use the past as a blueprint to make a brighter future…




Enjoy it while it lasts…


As time goes on, sometimes people tend to lose track of what truly is important.  In the fast-paced modern life things get thrown on the back burner at times.  People I believe don’t mean to do that, but it occurs more frequently then they would want to admit.  We are only human, and man has flaws.  We were never created to be perfect but at the same time sometimes we hold ourselves to those standards.

Instead of making this a habit, maybe change your perspective on life and figure out what truly are the important things in our lives.  Some people would say a great career, money, houses, etc.  A lot of people care more about material items instead of the small things in life, for example: a great family, a special loved one, amazing friends, etc.  It depends on the person how they act if they care about material items or emotional/spiritual items.

We all need to remember not everything is guaranteed.  You were given a life and not guaranteed a life.  I would suggest maybe to take a couple of minutes and ponder about your life and what truly matters to yourself.  It’s alright to think outside of the norm and not care on things they truly have no meanings towards you.  One day that special thing can be here and the next night its taken away.  I would suggest people cherish their lives and the people in them, remember it’s never forever. What every you decide is with you forever, hopefully its the right decision.

God Bless & Stay Strong…


Fooling the people with flash in advertisement…



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So, Black Friday was this past week and most people went out and did their shopping on Thanksgiving and on Black Friday. Most people tend to shop for the holidays on that weekend.  The only problem is when customers do that they are proving they care more for material items then family and holidays.  Is it really a must to shop on Thanksgiving,  I mean honestly is it?  We fall for all the hype, gimmick of the advertising.   Now i am an advertising major but I know how most of them think so I know what is worthy to buy and not.  People don’t realize that most retail stores their best prices are during the spring when they are getting rid of the old and bringing in the new.  Every year we hear that people die on Black Friday and they tend to happen at Wal-Mart.  No life is worth dying  over for a TV, a toy, or whatever.  The only good highlight I have read was this past Black Friday sales drop 11%. That is a good start to hopefully have one day where there is no Black Friday or at least make it to where stores aren’t open on holidays. What do you think?

Having a religion? People Hate & Shun you…


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More and more people I encounter each day they seem to stop talking to me because I happen to mention I have faith & a religion. Just because I have a religion doesn’t mean I am a bad person or you should stop talking to me. I mean if your going to stop talking to me; please, do it because I was rude to you or something like that. Don’t stop talking to me because I represent Romans 1:16 and because I try to make the world a better place. You think I’m going to convert you and be strict, that’s not how I roll or my style. If you don’t have any religion that is fine to me. That is because its your life and not mine. I will still pray for you and try to help you if you ever have an questions but I’m not going to be strict with you about it.  I don’t judge anybody for anything, I just try to be the best person I can be while I am alive. So before you judge somebody maybe you should get the whole story or get to know that person before you cut them out of your life forever. You never know they might turn out to be a good friend or even your best friend. I have numerous friends of religion or no religion , culture, sexually orientation and you don’t see me hating or ignoring them. Heck, some of them I would consider great friends or even close ones. Instead of fueling the fire more, why not show the love & pass the peace.

We Need To End Domestic Abuse: No Means No


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Everyday I think it’s hard not to hear on the news that one man has assaulted a woman in some way.  Whether its the case recently with the Ray Rice incident that occurred this past February to ones in the past.  Men beating up women for whatever reasons including power, dominance, because they talk back, or maybe the guy is drunk.  Men should never hit a woman for any reason.  A man that hits a woman is not a man but a boy.  You choose to hit someone smaller then you and probably can’t defend herself again you.  Recently there have been organizations being created by celebrities and athletes.  You have the NoMore organization as well as the Pass The Peace created by Seattle Seahwaks QB Russell Wilson.  Which is a hotline and you can donate to help women who have been affected. Before you hit that woman you might want to realize that if you do you will hurt her but you will also hurt yourself.  Your not a man you are just a weak little boy. I ask everyone just to Pass The Peace & say Enough is Enough.

Call it The Devil’s Night


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With the verdict of the Mike Brown case revealed last night and after he was not guilty.  People are calling it an injustice and Officer Wilson should have been guilty.  Whether or not the Grand Jury had the right outcome or not, what happened last night should of happened. Buildings burned and destroyed, shot fired, stores looted, smoke bombs used and angry turned the night in to probably the worst night that city had seen.  I am not taking sides all i wish is that we pass the peace.  They need to have handled things smarter and in a better way then what happened.  Innocence businesses and people were affected in what occurred last night.  That city needs Jesus & this world need Jesus.  We live in a messed up world & this world needs God. Last night greed, hate and sorrow got the better of people last night.  All we can say about last night is it was The Devil’s Night.

Email Marketing:


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Email marketing today is one of the top ways to use social media. On an average day 144 billion emails are sent every day. that’s 144 billion a day that is a lot of letters, ads and other stuff sent each day. Imagine the publicity you would have if you had your customers emails or even their friends or neighbors email address. You would gain a significant amount of clients or customers. First thing is you need to change up the format of emails. Starting off with Dear so and so is so old school. It is professional but you need to maintain you unique aspect that will attract new customers and to keep the ones you have now. Branding your personalize might actually pay off in the end. It is good to do like others but remember we all are unique individuals. Its better to walk at the beat of your own drum then follow others beat, after all some of the greatest people were unique, weird, etc… Another aspect would be to keep the characters at a decent amount. Studies have shown that only 10 characters tend to be open at 58% compared to ones with 60-70 characters. Don’t put too much information in the email but just enough to catch their attention & tell what you need to say. Next the best time to send an email would be between 8 pm to 12 am. Those 4 hours are huge prime time for emails. Most are off work and at the time trying to relax before bed, so they might be on their laptops, tablets or smartphones. After that, the easier way to attract them is to give something away. Maybe send a percentage off coupon, or maybe buy 1 entree get 1 free or an type of coupons or even a giveaway. About 47% of emails are open via smart phones. Make your email easily read on a phone keep it short & small. Make the font bigger and possible bold the font. Keep to the ios outline and keep it ton the column template. Good luck & hope you consider using email marketing as a resource!

Email-Marketing email-marketing (1) why-your-businesses-should-embrace-email-marketing

God’s Not Dead…


Now a days, religion is so hard to talk about within friends, family, co-workers, etc… The problem though is people need to eventually start to consider talking  about it or thinking about it. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. We have been given life and we must do the very best with it. I’m not saying or trying to push religion onto those who don’t believe but all I’m saying is how can you hate someone who doesn’t exist in your book. As well not believe that this planet we call Earth was not created by a higher power. Either way we are human and part of human is the freedom of our choices. You can choose to believe whatever you want and I respect that about people. Even if I don’t agree with it, I can at least respect you for standing by your beliefs. Sometimes I wonder how people can’t believe in God. Yet, the first thing they might say is we can’t see him so obviously he doesn’t exist. If thats the case then gravity doesn’t exist. We don’t see gravity but we believe in something that we can’t physical see. Anyways, just because we can’t physical see something does that entirely mean that it doesn’t exist? I do know for a fact lots of people I talk to about religion, most of their answers are they don’t understand it. The most common reason dislike something is because they don’t understand it. Hence, why people might be skeptical  of it. Maybe all we really need to do is try to understand religion & possibly teach the word to others who don’t know of it. And to all those who say he’s dead, if you actually look around the world he’s still alive. So many people are getting help they need, we are seeing miracles occur. Ok maybe not as must as towards his time but they still are occurring. god is fully alive through his people. His people are working for him and as with him. No matter the scenario I can guarantee I can find one person to help out another one. Believe what ever you believe. Im not trying to convert anyone, just trying to put a perspective on something they might not know much about.

God bless & God speed everyone!







Google+ and Advertising.


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Advertising is a big part of the business world, but find where to advertise tends to be the hardest place to find. Numerous companies use different types of advertising and places to place their ads on the web. No matter how big or small the company one source you could use would be Google+. As big of company Google is they still find the time to work with business and organizations to help them advertise. With Google+ you have so much freedom to run with hence how big Google is. You need to maintain your relationship with the companies on your page as well maintain your relationship with your customers. (Customer Relationship) Companies like Apple, the Los Angeles Dodgers. Dodge, Sony, Lenovo and Adidas. There are so many numerous other businesses I could have named but what do all these companies have in common is they are advertised on Google+. Some choose, Bing, others choose Yahoo & the rest choose Google, which do you choose?


Los Angeles Dodgers









Social Media Research Tools


Social Media monitoring:
One tool that is useful with dealing with social media is hashtags. Hashtags are used on pretty much every social media platform. They are so much easier to use when finding a subject. After all people today want stuff easy so using a hashtag will not only get your blog or whatever your talking about but it can get you well known as well too. No matter what your subject is it can be found easier then just searching up broad terms similar to what you are trying to find. Another reason that hashtags are a good resource is they are free to do. Anyone can use them, so why not take advantage of it, after all its like free publicity. Especially if you are a struggling blogger or just someone on a tight budget.


Another tool is CRM tools:
CRM-Customer Relationship Management
Customer relationship management is a huge part of any business. From a giant corporation to a mom & pop store. If you don’t have good crm then you business will not succeed in the business world. You want to keep your customers or clients happy and you need people that know how to do that. This is a huge reason why some businesses go out of business & why they succeed. If the people don’t buy your project then your sales will be in the red. Below is a website that lists 4 tools that small business might use for crm.


Social Bookmarking:

Today bookmarking might not be as important as some other tools out there but it is. Its a tool so you can organize websites and an easier way to get to some of your favorite sites as well storing them and organizing the sites. Most people don’t care about it. people say they want the internet easier well if you use bookmarking you are able to find your websites a lot easier & without struggle to find them. No matter the sites you use are businesses. Bookmarking helps to make your life easier when on your computer. Below is a site that gives other reasons they are important:

Social Bookmarking